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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Another Crashing Aircraft DREAM"

Another Crashing Aircraft DREAM

We had all these animals in a cage...newts, lizards, rats, it was quite hideous, actually. Some were emaciated. I was trying to feed them mealworms. It was disastrous.

There was a large aircraft in the sky that was in the shape of something, like a flat pontoon or something, I can't recall exactly. It was having a hard time taking off because another aircraft was ahead of it, so it tried circling around a few times, but it was having problems maneuvering, tipping a lot, and then finally it crashed. I didn't know where it crashed, but all of a sudden I was downtown (Madison) and looked out a window of a building and realized that the aircraft had crashed onto the steeple of some church that was very high. It's hard to describe, but it was as if the steeple was on top of a buiding. There were all these people walking around it, looking at the disaster. Ironically, there wasn't much fire or anything, just a small fire inside the crunched steeple. There were a bunch of schoolkids, like kids in Catholic School uniforms, milling about. I was hoping no one was killed. Very odd dream.

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