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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Oh god this is sick"

Oh god this is sick

Pink Floyd Russian Nesting Dolls (link will expire on August 2nd or so). Is this twisted or what? They don't even look like them! (Especially Nick...and Rick...I mean...what the...f????) Laughing my ass off while shaking my head. OK, so I can SORT of see the resemblence in a VERY caricatured way with Roger, and yes, I can see David looking like he did in some pics around the late 70s, but...WTF?


Not to fear, once that link gets outdated, your gracious journalista with foresight has downloaded it to her own site for your perusing pleasure:


Posted by Me @ 07:31:2003:02:56 PM CST

OK, let's try this again:

Pink Floyd Russian Nesting Dolls

Posted by moi @ 07:31:2003:02:57 PM CST

Eeek! They all look like psyco killers.

Posted by Stan @ 07:31:2003:06:35 PM CST

Really? I think they look like guys I went to High School with.

I thought YOU went to high school with psycho killers! :-D

Posted by Ann @ 07:31:2003:06:40 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:46 AM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..