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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Gross Medically-Related DREAM"

Gross Medically-Related DREAM

I was going to have one of those allergy patch tests done on myself, except it was nothing like I was expecting. The nurse who was administering it was very slow in doing it, and very disorganized. I remember them smearing peanut butter on my arm or something. They also didn't puncture the surface of my skin, which I thought was unusual.

Then I was sitting around a table or in a circle with a bunch of other people, some I recognized as co-workers from Depressions. Supposedly, everyone was supposed to take turns at making up a rhyming poem as they went around the room. I was preoccupied with something and realized I didn't prepare a poem for when it was my turn. By the time they got to me, there was a dentist there who was putting these spacers between my front teeth so that they wouldn't be so crowded. It was painful. What he didn't realize, though, was that because there was no room in my mouth, it forced one of the teeth behind my row of teeth. What a bad dentist. I pulled out the spacers because it hurt so much and realized that they were little pieces of wood with metal wires in them. Weird.

Then I was with Lucifer Sam and I was taking him out to go to the bathroom. He started to poop this huge "sack" of was as if his poop was contained in a stomach-like pouch covered with fur. He pooped at least three of these things that were about half the size of the dog himself. They just kept coming out of him. He also had pink and orange dye in his poop. Most odd. We were concerned.

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