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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Snippets from a Candy Coated Conversation: An Abridged Mix"

Snippets from a Candy Coated Conversation: An Abridged Mix

Ann and Stan enter the "closing room" at the title and abstract corporation for their 48th refinancing in the past 3 years. A bowl of assorted candy sits on the table.

Ann: (fishing around in the candy bowl) Do I want anything? No... (pushes it aside, then pulls it back) Mmmm...Mr. Goodbar.

Stan: Who was that actor? Nick Nolte?

Ann: (Mentally WTFs at Stan's pop cultural illiteracy) Nick NOLTE?!?! It was Richard Gere!

Stan: Oh yeah, Richard Gere.

Ann: Richard Gere looks like a short, bland version of Roger Waters.

(Ann and Stan discuss Richard Gere's shortcomings in contrast to Roger's greatness...or something like that).

Ann: Well, I look like a short, plump version of Diane Keaton.

Stan: Curvy version.

Ann: Ok, a short, curvy version of Diane Keaton. (fishes around in the candy bowl some more) Let's see...Looking for Mr. Goodbar...Mmmm...Krackle. Those are also good.

Stan: You were looking for Mr. Goodbar, but you had to settle for a Krackle.


Well, you had to have been there. It was so funny, that when the woman who would help us with the closing entered the room right as Stan said the thing about settling for a Krackle, I was trying to stifle a laugh, much like Elaine and the Pez episode in Seinfeld. Why does candy and the men who make jokes with it crack women up so much?

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