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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : I found the motherlode..."

I found the motherlode...

...of Musical Russian Nesting Dolls. (don't ask why I found was an accident).

Are these sick or what? I thought the Pink Floyd ones were bad, but look at the Doors on the 2nd page. WTF? I mean, which band were they looking at for references when they painted THOSE?


Riddle me this: Why on the Rolling Stones set is Ron Woods the next largest sized doll (after Mick Jagger)? I mean, shouldn't that spot be for Keith Richards?

I also have a problem with that in the Floyd dolls too, that David is the biggest doll (instead of Roger), but I figured they just did them according to their current body mass. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom.

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:06:25 PM CST

Mwaaaha~ Look at this one~ The one with Clinton! Monica Lewinsky is the next largest doll! LOL! I see Hilary is the smallest...but who is the 3rd woman?

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:06:31 PM CST that 5th doll in the presidential set (the little stubby one...the smaller one than Hilary) supposed to be a...cigar?

sick sick sick

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:06:35 PM CST

All of this reminds me of a joke I just created.

Which Pink Floyd song is Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky's love song?

Have a Cigar.

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:06:36 PM CST

For Pink Floyd David is the biggist doll, so the Russians are right about giving him the largest egg. Wow! these things are sinister!

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:06:41 PM CST

Hmm...that sounds a bit odd the way you phrased that Stan, like you have the hots for David or something.

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:06:44 PM CST

For the Clinton eggs, Monica and Hilary need to be larger than Bill, because he needs to fit inside of them - or at least Monica. Yea maybe he doesen't need to fit into Hilary anymore anyway.

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:06:45 PM CST

LOL! It's not that sick, really...I've read sicker!

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:06:46 PM CST

Yea, Hilary is an Ice Queen - want to be - and I think she needs profesional training. She still seems too warm, but it seems that she wants to be as cold as a frozen cigar.

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:06:48 PM CST

You think so? I think Hilary's the Queen Bee of Ice Queens. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:06:50 PM CST

No, I don't have the hotts for Dave. Being big is sort of pig turf. This is something I'm struggeling with, because in my training to be more pigish - instead of dogish - I'm having a hard time thinking of myself as being as big as a pig. Do you have any advice for my problem?

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:06:52 PM CST

I could have the hotts for Monica, and between her and Hilary it seems like a clear choice to me - at least from a pruely physical fanticy.

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:06:54 PM CST

I could have the hotts for Monica, and between her and Hilary it seems like a clear choice to me - at least from a pruely physical fanticy.

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:06:54 PM CST

I could have the hotts for Monica, and between her and Hilary it seems like a clear choice to me - at least from a pruely physical fanticy.

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:06:55 PM CST

Are you talking to me? Are YOU talking to ME?

I'm really confused! You did say that "For Pink Floyd David is the biggist (sic) doll" so that sort of sounds, well, you know.

I mean, you did have a crush on _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ about 20 years ago, remember? (It's not anyone's someone we like! A LOT!) Remember?

Do you hate me now? Do you want a divorce?

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:06:58 PM CST

stop reloading this you psychotic multiple personality double poster!

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:06:58 PM CST

You don't remember your crush of 1983?

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:06:59 PM CST

OK, I'm lost = no clue!

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:07:00 PM CST

Bryan Ferry.

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:07:02 PM CST

(he hates me now)

But Bryan Ferry is cool!

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:07:03 PM CST

So, I had a crush on David Bowie too! Big deal. But Dave isn't that sort of thing. The point was about how being a - Pig sort of person - (not that there's anything wrong with that) requires largeness and that's why he should have the largest EGG.

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:07:05 PM CST

Wait a minute...who (between Monica and Hilary) do you prefer? See, methinks, considering your past preferences it would be Hilary. She's sort of cruel and serious, you know? You like that. Monica's too squishy and silly.

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:07:06 PM CST

You're not reading carefuly - are you. I wrote 'physical fanticy', not the kind of mind, or for that matter - voice - I find attractive. Hilary is very attractive when it comes to the mind, but my greatest weakness is a beautiful voice.

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:07:09 PM CST

I never knew you had a crush on David Bowie! Really? You want to know a secret? I never had a crush on David Bowie. I mean, yes he's attractive, and yes, I've loved his music since I can remember listening to music, but weird...I never had a crush on him. Odd. I think I came VERY close in 1999, but my lust and mind went for Brian Eno instead. Heh.

But I know what you mean about David Gilmour) They (Floyd) definitely do not inspire that sort of thing (male crushes), thank goodness. I mean, not that there's anything wrong with that, am I trying to say?

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:07:10 PM CST

Monica Lewinsky has a nice voice?

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:07:11 PM CST

What I'm looking for - if I were looking - is a woman with Hilary's brains, Monica's body, and a voice as beautiful as Brian's or David Bowie's.

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:07:13 PM CST

Stan, that's a pretty strange image you've just painted there.

I think you already know what I like. Fortunately, it's all in one person.

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:07:15 PM CST

Yes, Monica does have a nice voice, I think I'll stick with her and give her the benifit of the doubt when it comes to the mind. After all, the press has probably made her out to be less than she really is. She might have a great mind hidden behind the public image she has, and even if she doesn't have a great mind the beautiful voice always wins out in the end - for me.

So, you moved on the greater things by passing up David Bowie and skipping ahead to god himself. Wow, going right for the egg head - Eno himself. I suppose you think you're too good for a musician with a more mixed history like Davids. I mean, unlike Eno, some things David did are brilliant and others are too stupid for words. I see you like consistancy. I guess it's a good thing for me that I'm a Taurus, because it is fixed earth and thus, the sign of consistancy and, of course loyalty.

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:07:26 PM CST

I don't know about this newfound Monica thing Stan. I really don't think you'd like her. She's much plumper than I am, her nose is too small, she's too hung up on $$$...remember the veddy bad Monica I made for Halloween 1998? Remember who I said (just this morning!) would have made a much better Monica (who even went so far to get into character as to write "Monica Clinton" with little hearts all over Bill's picture? Now just imagine having an affair with this woman! No, it's not for you, Stan.

Now just what do you mean, "unlike Eno, some things David (Bowie) did are brilliant"? Are you implying Eno (aka god) never did anything brilliant?

But here's a question? Where do you go after you've had a crush on god?

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:07:31 PM CST

OK, so I misinterpreted you.


Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:07:34 PM CST

You are way off the mark. I said Eno's work was all good and Bowie's was inconsistant....thus you like consistancy.

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:07:35 PM CST

Um. OK. I like them consisent.

Guess that's why I'm stuck with a Taurus.

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:07:38 PM CST

It's so sad that you'r stuck with me. You have a really nice voice and it's full of beauty even when you're mad - so I'm glad you're stuck with me. I guess you're right about Monica, because I would get tired of the money thing. So is there another musican, whom you admire, that has consistantly good creative work?

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:07:43 PM CST

I dunno. Is there? :-P

Maybe it's just someone who inspires emotions in me.

Kind of a moot question, I mean, I think you already know the answer, right right?

Why are we having a hard time reading eachother tonight? Is it because we haven't gotten enough sleep from the heat all week?

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:07:48 PM CST

Sleep, and we won't be getting much sleep for at least another 3 days. Yes, I know another musician, whom you have a crush on, who's work is consistantly excellent, and there's no need to guess.

Posted by Stan @ 08:22:2003:07:54 PM CST

Yeah, it's not like I don't mention him or his former band in this journal like every other entry. Heh.

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2003:07:58 PM CST

I was just thinking about the symmetry of my rockstar crushes and all. As I mentioned above, I thought I would develop a crush on Bowie at least *some time* in my life, but never did. Bowie's birthday is January 8. Last year, when I was first starting to reacquaint myself with Pink Floyd, I thought I would develop a crush on Syd Barrett. I never did. Barrett's birthday is January 6. Both Barrett and Bowie are Capricorns, the sign opposite mine, Cancer (my birthday is June 30). Instead of Bowie, I got a crush on Eno, birthday May 15, Taurus. Instead of Barrett, I got a crush on Roger Waters, birthday September 6, Virgo. Both Taurus and Virgo are the other earth signs (besides Capricorn). The only other (non-rockstar) person who I ever had a crush on after I've been married to Stan is also a Virgo (I hope he doesn't read this), although I don't have a crush on him anymore. Admittedly, Virgos ARE difficult. (but not as difficult as Scorpios, whom I will never have a crush on because my dad is one and I've known others who are Stan's birthday, May 14, is almost diametrically opposed to my dad's, November 13. More strange symmmetry.)

So what does this all mean? I just thin the symmetry is rather interesting, is all.

And at 42, is it too late to still be getting rockstar crushes? Of course, what are the other options...going out to brunch with your friends and talking about where you bought your clothes...talking about your kids...talking business and financial investments...oh how utterly boring. Because I can still get passionate about people, ideas, the arts, music, etc., I think it keeps me young, rather than succumbing to the pressures of conforming to what society has said is appropriate for 42 year old women. Bollocks.

Posted by Ann @ 08:23:2003:08:35 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:47 PM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..