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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Speaking of which..."

Speaking of which...

I found this article this morning via a Brian Eno newsgroup I subscribe to about one of his art teachers (he did the Another Green World cover). Sort of interesting. One of those portraits he looks like some kind of crazed demonic elf. Unfortunately there's no portrait of him from his early Roxy THAT would've been fun to outfits. But evidentially, according to these articles, the Roxy era was when his prof lost track of him because pop music didn't interest him. Fairly typical, eh?

It does, however, give me a strange sort of feeling to know that Eno was close to a professor of his. I mean, I'm not, you know...close to my professors? Never was. Lost track of them all. See my experience was MUCH more like that of how Roger Waters describes in "Another Brick in the Wall pt. II", a teacher stifflng creativity. Yes, even my art professors stiffled creativity. Well I guess that explains a lot on my part. About a lot of things. It was very foreshadowing that "ABITWpII" was a hit duirng my freshman year in college. Like my soundtrack. I know it was written about school children in grammar school, but the concept can carry through to young adults in college as well.


Actually, I wish I could see Dr. Jim Boyd, my main philosophy professor in udergraduate school. He was the only college profesor I felt really conected with on a deep level. Of course there was Larry from grad school and I really connected with him, but unfortunately due to circumstances out of anyone's control I only knew him for a brief time. I've always had a close relationship with my high school math teacher, Wayne, but I don't know where he lives now.

The most interisting connection I felt with a teacher was with my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs Sleeper. Half way through the year she was hired for a better job in California, and I never say her again. That was the begining of my downward turn in grade school. I was a good student, but after she left I was taking the short bus to school. I only lasted for a few months in the developmentaly disabled class before they moved me back with the regular students, but for a while everyone thought I was headed for a lifetime of cutting out pictures from magazines for school assignments.

It is amaising how much differance a teacher can make for our classroom preformance. I went from making top grades to taking the short bus, because one teacher moved to another state. In your case Ann I think you were independent minded enough at an early age that you always held you own.

Posted by Stan @ 08:23:2003:07:39 PM CST

"ur case Ann I think you were independent minded enough at an early age that you always held you own. "

Meh. I don't know about that. Maybe I just didn't like people? Maybe I just had a natural distrust of people. Hey, isn't that a dog characteristic?

So your teacher's name was "Mrs. Sleeper?" What an ironic name. It's a good thing she didn't live up to it, though.

Posted by Ann @ 08:23:2003:07:42 PM CST

Ann's early budding desire to be "Dog"? I think I had a crush on Mrs. Sleeper, but I was really learning from her. I probably have tramatic reperssed memories of her replacement. I can't remember much about her except that she was large, ugly and mean - but that is just my opinio - and my memory might be somewhat flawed about the replacement. Actually, I suspect that she thought I was Mrs. Sleeper's pet and held that as a reason to be crule to me. We all have our 'brick in the wall' teachers.

Posted by Stan @ 08:23:2003:07:49 PM CST

Ew. That sounds awful. I never knew this about you. So was Mrs. Sleeper nice and pretty? Like was she the Glinda the Good Witch of teachers? (And the evil replacement teacher was The Wicked Witch of the West's lover or something)

what the hell am I saying...

Posted by Ann @ 08:23:2003:07:52 PM CST

Mrs. Sleeper was an attractive blond like you Ann.

Posted by Stan @ 08:23:2003:07:54 PM CST

Hmmm....I see that Doctor Freud would have a mouthful to say on this!

Posted by Ann @ 08:23:2003:07:55 PM CST

Still so weird that her name was Mrs. Sleeper. I mean, think of the connotations, what with your puppy love crush and all. No, seriously!

Mrs. Sleep-with-her

And then you have the Woody Allen angle with his movie, "Sleeper."

Diane Keaton was in that movie too.

Posted by Ann @ 08:24:2003:09:37 AM CST

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