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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Orgasm #2"

DREAM: Orgasm #2

I was looking through a closet which looked much more like the closet in the bedroom at my parent's house rather than my closet where I live. I discovered a bunch of tank tops and short sleeve shirts that I'd forgotten about, much to my surprise. I put one on and then went off into another part of the dream. I was out for a midday snack with...get this...Woody Allen and Diane Keaton (circa mid-70s). We were at some fancy restaurant that served ice cream sundaes and lighter faire like salads. I was looking at the menu, which was more like a colour catalogue because there were full color photos of the sundaes. Then it was as if the sundaes came to life, and they were on our table. We could eat any and all of any sundae! The really fancy sundaes were nicknamed "Orgasms" and Diane said she usually gets "Orgasm #2." I decided I'd have Orgasm #2 as well, but I also was eating some of the toppings off another sundae. These toppings were weird...they were these flower pistils that were extremely long (like an incense stick) and had a thing on the end that looked like the inner meat of a pecan. They were rather spicy...I munched quite a few of them. Then, well, I suppose this goes hand and hand with "Orgasm #2", Woody starts engaging in foreplay with me...but he's not very good. I'm not excited. Eventually the dream comes to a close. Cut.


I wish this had been a double date.

Posted by Stan @ 08:30:2003:08:38 AM CST

Yeah, you wish. Dream on, bub.

I'm not even attracted to Woody Allen. I'm not. Never have been. Have admired his movies and comedic genius, but that's as far as it goes, if you know what I mean.

A typical case of "I was looking for Mr. Goodbar, but I got stuck with a Krackle".

That said, however, I think as you said to me this morning, it is something Woody *should have* thought of, but didn't, so in the cosmic comedy of life, I got stuck thinking of it for him.

It's a pretty ingenius dream, if I do say so myself.

Posted by Ann @ 08:30:2003:08:48 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:48 AM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..