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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Scare"


I had quite the heart-stopping moment this morning. Stan couldn't get the gold van (the old one) started, so he had to take our new red one. Yesterday I was planning on doing some shopping today, but due to an extremely bad allergy attack last night which forced me to take Claritin (which makes me feel weird and freaked out so that I can't drive), that was put on hold. Since I couldn't drive today anyway, I wasn't extremely put out that Stan had to take the red van, but he was thinking that maybe he should call in sick because he hates leaving me without transportation in case there's an emergency.

After Stan left and I went back in the house, I couldn't find Lucifer Sam. I called his name and looked everywhere...he was nowhere to be found. I suddenly panicked. He must have gotten out at some point when I was helping Stan try and start the car, even though we're always extremely careful and conscientious about not letting the dogs out accidentally. And certainly, even if that happened, we would be aware of their escaping, wouldn't we? I thought that maybe he'd wandered off in the neighborhood, so I started to take off down the alley. Of all the times to have a dog go missing, and I have no transportation in case something has gone wrong!

As soon as I head out back, I see Stan coming back down the alley in the van...I guess he'd forgoitten something. I told him in a stressed out voice that I couldn't find Lucifer Sam! He just smiles and says "I put him in his carrier this morning after he was bad and pooped in the house."

I was so relieved.

Tomorrow is Labor Day, however, and things do tend to go wrong then.

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