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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Bug Stories"

Bug Stories

Friday morning I was outside releasing Monarch butterflies. I caught sight of something in the Bridal Wreath bush, flapping, dark, winged. It was large...I thought it was a bat, but in the morning? I looked closer and saw that it was a Tiger Swallowtail female, which is black, unlike the male of the species which is yellow with black "tiger" stripes. It was caught in a spider's web. I quickly grabbed a shovel and beat the spiderweb, freeing the butterfly. As it flew away, I could tell its wings were old and it didn't have long to live, but I was giving it a few more days or hours of freedom. Not nice to see a butterfly caught in a spiderweb; the spider can eat other things instead.

Friday afternoon Stan, Tim and I went out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Two men came in; they were Mexican themselves and were speaking Spanish to the waiter. One of them was holding something in his hand--it looked like a bug or small mouse. Of course that didn't make sense to me, why would he bring that into a restaurant? He showed it off to the waiter and they all seemed fascinated/amused by it. They sat down behind Tim. Later in the meal, Tim excused himself to go get a smoke. A few moments later, a large, I mean HUGE bumble bee flew from their table and landed in Stan's hair. Stan, thinking it was a wasp, freaked out and started flapping his hands at his hair, jumping up and down. The bee landed on the floor. One of the Mexican men got up and grabbed it. Evidentally it was his pet bee. Or something. "Aren't you afraid it would sting you?" I laughed in amazement. He just shrugged and smiled; he didn't speak English. He then went outside with his bee. I don't know if he released it or put away in his car, but I've never seen a bumble bee that big in Wisconsin. I do wonder if it was his pet? The whole event was very funny. I wish Tim was there to see it.

Please, no "I'd never eat there again" comments. It was a bee someone *brought in*, not a cockroach that was found there.

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