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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: New House"

DREAM: New House

This was a fun dream! Stan and I bought a different house, basically sight unseen. It was quite a bit newer and larger than our house, possibly built in the 50s, 60s, 70s. I was on the first floor and we were getting it set up. We were building an area in the front, sort of like a greenhouse area with lots of drawers where I could keep art supplies. This was separated off from the living room, making the living room space smaller. I was asking Stan where we were going to have our TV....there wasn't much room. Our bed was also down there, right next to the living room. I questioned why we weren't putting the bed on the 2nd floor. Stan said, "well, let's check it out and see where we can put it." At some time, Tim appeared, and it was as if we were going to meet him at this house, buy we weren't *there* yet, and he didn't have a key so, he had to wait for us outside for quite a while. I guess he was sort of miffed, but glad when we appeared. When we went upstairs, we realized how huge this house actually was. There were big bathrooms with big tubs, and about 4 bedrooms. All the bedrooms were big, and they all had beds in them, as if the previous owners left without taking their furniture. Some of the beds were really comfortable, and some of the bedrooms also had couches and daybeds for "sleepovers." I remember the colors maroon and a dark salmon as the major color schemes. It was quite luxurious and decadent. The windows on some of the bedrooms were small, modern windows, but there were so many that it gave lots of light. It was just a really fun dream, and a neat house!

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