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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Ship of DREAMs"

Ship of DREAMs

I was on a ship with a bunch of people. I'm not sure where it was travelling, but it was going very fast. I was in the interior part, but some people walked out to the deck and they got dizzy from the speed. The weird thing was is that you could see "city" going by, not water. As it docked, we all got in line do leave. We walked down a bunch of aisles and planks and narrow passageways all in line. I think Stan was with me, but I'm not positive. We passed boxes and strange things; it looked more like the inside of a warehouse than a ship (not that I've ever been on a ship...just ferries). As we got on land, it was like we were on a seacoast where there's lots of grassland, sand and hills. But it was like we were more inland a ways, and we then had to travel back to the coast by foot. We used metal sheets to slide down the hills to get us to our destination faster. On the way, there were large pieces of styrofoam which I grabbed because I thought they would be useful. I made a comment it looked like suction cups. There was a guy with me that seemed familiar, but I don't know who he was. He reminded me of Paul Schaeffer (sp?) (WHY?~!?) kinda gayish. I think he was a visual artist though. On the way to the coast, some local youths came along my path. I thought they would give us "tourists" a hard time, but they mostly ignored us. As all us tourists travelled to the coast, I felt we were like those young sea turtles that hatch and have to get to the water. We finally got to our destination, and we walked out of a building and onto the boardwalk. I looked around and saw that I was with a tall red-haired woman who reminded me of my former neighbor Mary. She was looking around for her relatives, which were also my in-laws (Stan's adopted mom's side of the family). She spotted some people peering out of a doorway in a building across the street. I couldn't see them, but then this guy comes toward us who looks like Stan's Uncle Bob. Then we head down the boardwalk where we find a group of people sitting at a sunken table by the water. They are having a party with a bunch of young people dressed in scanty clothing. Stan's adopted sister Marcia is there flirting with a young man and trying to be unseen, and perhaps either Stan's mom or her twin sister, but I can't remember. Everyone seems to be flirting with a younger member of the opposite was rather gross and I felt like I was in one of those tacky Las Vegas TV ads. There's one young woman with dark hair who's talking to a himbo and urging him to talk to me. The himbo is reluctant (not to mention half my age). He's well-built, but a little too puffy bulky-muscley for me, brown sort of longish (but not real long) wavy hair, hazel eyes. Not bad looking, but just extremely *average* and nothing unique about him. He's wearing an open vest, trying to be Chippendale-ish. I really didn't want to deal with this situation, and I'm hoping Stan appears soon to get me out of it.

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