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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Are we scared yet?"

Are we scared yet?

As promissed (or maybe not...did I promise it? I don't think so) here's a link for one of the items from the catalog that gave me weird dreams the other night. And here's another link to a similar item except this item wasn't in the catalog. And here's the motherlode of scariness: BE PREPARED FOR MASSIVE NIGHTMARES. I wish they showed larger pictures so you could get a feel for just how TRULY FRIGHTENING AND MACABRE these creations are, but I guess you'll just have to order a catalogue.

See, if these things were about 1/20 the price or less, I can see nearly every (cough...ehrrmmmm...clears throat...must choose words wisely here) older person of moderate means wanting to have one for their holiday display. But these life-size dolls are a grand a piece! The entire set would set you back the price of a very nice newer used car! Now what sort of person with that kind of expendable income would want these *IN MY HUMBLE OPINION* hideous things adorning their otherwise well-appointed home? Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I find little beauty here. Instead I find a very strange sense of humour...kitsch-like. Who would buy these? Not poor people. Not moderate income people. The price is too high. And when you get into the higher-income range, well I suspect most would think it is too tacky. So are these gag gifts for the incredibly wealthy? "Well, I couldn't afford to get you a RealDoll, so I got you her Great Aunt Eula!" Haw haw haw. Maybe it's sort of a drag queen/old gay guy type thing. I can see a wealthy old gay guy getting a kick out of these. I don't know...I'm having a hard time finding a demographic here.

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