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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Morning Glories"

Morning Glories

Despite the fact that today started off rather rotten with me and The Pappit knocking the leaves off our newest family addition, yesterday was quite good. We painted more on the house until the rain came. Rain is good, especially when you've been in a draught like we have. I mean, draught in the southwest is one's the southwest. But Wisconsin? No, draught very strange here. Most of us aren't even set up to water our lawns! (We asked a landlord about that when we first moved here..."so, who waters the lawn, the tennant or the landlord?" He just stared at us like we were from Mars.) So since we couldn't paint anymore, we went greenhousing. The Bruce Company just got a bunch of new houseplants in. I indulged. And of course, Stan got the Succulent at Felley's. And now we're talking about converting my former studio into a plant room. I guess we're addicted. It's sad.
thumbMG_0001 (7k image) thumbMG_0002 (6k image) thumbMG_0003 (6k image) thumbMG_0004 (7k image)
thumbMG_0005 (6k image) thumbMG_0006 (6k image) thumbMG_0007 (6k image) thumbMG_0010 (7k image)
thumbMG_0011 (7k image) thumbMG_0012 (6k image) thumbMG_0013 (6k image) thumbMG_0014 (7k image)
thumbMG_0015 (6k image) thumbMG_0016 (7k image) thumbMG_0017 (7k image) thumbMG_0018 (6k image)
thumbMG_0019 (7k image) thumbMG_0020 (7k image) thumbMG_0021 (7k image) thumbMG_0023 (6k image)
Here's some life-size pictures (click the thumbnails) of the strange hybrid Morning Glories we've been growing this summer. I like the ones with the pictures of little tiny houses in the background.

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