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12:20:2003 Entry: "Stan : Soul Quote"

Soul Quote

Your soul is worth 44680. For your peace of mind, 16% of people have a purer soul than you.


That's not fair that your soul is worth more than mine, you weinerface.

Posted by Ann @ 09:21:2003:09:42 PM CST

It's a silly game! It's not as if it's an intelegance test - you would always surpass me with intelegence tests.

Posted by Stan @ 09:21:2003:09:50 PM CST

You're right about that. You can't even spell "intelligence."

Posted by Ann @ 09:21:2003:09:52 PM CST

Yes, if I don't write things out first on a sticky I can't spell check what I'm writing. I can't function without spellcheckerprograms.

Posted by Stan @ 09:21:2003:09:56 PM CST

Just because I consider myself to be overweight doesn't mean I'm disgustingly huge and just means I weigh a bit more than I should.

Just because I tried ACID ONCE in my life does not mean I use crack, coccaine, heroin or pcp or that I ever even tried any of them.

I answered yes to those two questions, and it must be that those are the two pivotal questions that made your score astronomically higher than mine. That is so bogus. I'm a BIT overweight. I tried LSD once. So that makes your score more than twice as big as mine? That is so bogus it is beyond decription.

Oh, and you did do more drugs than just never tried ACID is all!

Oooh, and I forgot I also said yes to downloading music from the internet (yeah, unreleased concert recordings, NEVER official releases!) but this is something you also reap the benefits of, bub! Think about that, next time you play one of the live Pink Floyd things I spent my time downloading for us. You are leeching off my soul, you soul parasite, you!!!!

No more free rides on my soul! That's it...I'm through with you, you soul sucker!

Posted by Junkie Fatass @ 09:22:2003:01:14 PM CST

I'm glad you've opened your eyes and are seeing me for what I really am. I love you!

Posted by Stan @ 09:22:2003:06:08 PM CST

So, since your soul is worth more, you wouldn't mind using YOURS for the soul equity so we could get that remodel job done?

Then we can save my soul for something later.

Save my soul!

Posted by Obese Music Downloading Drug Addict @ 09:22:2003:07:18 PM CST

I need to understand sme investment options. So, do souls gain value with time, or do they depreciate in value? How much risk is involved? Maybe we would come out ahead if we cashed in both of our souls and put the money into our house. However, the collapse of the real estate market is only a few years away, so our house will no longer appreciste in value. Maybeputting too much money into real estate is a bad idea at this time.

Perhaps we shouldn't care about the value of the house and just cash in our souls so we can have a great green house plant room. Yes?

Posted by Stan @ 09:22:2003:07:26 PM CST

As of today, your soul is worth approx. $73,646.88. That'll be plenty for a greenhouse room, no? That's why I think we should cash yours in and save mine. :::evilgrin:::

I mean you'll just leech off of mine anyway, and then the little bit you leech will be worth more than twice the value of it if I kept it.

Like my math?

Posted by Ann @ 09:22:2003:07:32 PM CST

Sounds like a sound investment option, and after all what good is a soul - anyway? The soul basicly sleeps inside of our bodies untill we die and then it wakes up to fly to the afterlife. If the soul is asleep it won't know that it has been sold. When we die we won't have contiousness anymore so we won't know that the soul will be unable to fly to the afterlife. Sure, let's cash in my soul for a green house attachment to out house.

Posted by Stan @ 09:22:2003:07:49 PM CST

Wait a minute, you nearly had a minor in religious studies, but you're talking about a soul "sleeping" in your body and "flying away to the afterlife" when you die?

Sarcasm, right?

Posted by Me @ 09:22:2003:08:10 PM CST

It's simple really! All of those years of Hindu and Buddist studies - wasted as if I had spent the time at dorm parties. My readings of the Torah, the Gospels, and the Quran might as well have been spent reading the Sunday funnies. What about Plato, and all the other things I've read about Ancient Greece? Plato wrote in several of his works that the soul is a person's most valuable possesion. All of my studies of Ancient Greece might as well of been spent reading adds for yard sales. Reading the Egyptian book of the Dead over and over might as well have been spent reading obosolete sterio manuals. My personal research on Astrology might have been spent researching old wooden pupet carving methods. My meditations on the Quabala might as well have been self gratifying sexual fanticies. My time spent with the Babylonian Genesis, The Epic of Gilgamesh, and my beloved Chuang Tzu might as well have been spent playing video games.

Yes, I could have been wasting my time on secular stupidity and arived at the conclusion that if I sold my soul - It wouldn't know, anyway, because it's asleep.

Posted by Stan @ 09:22:2003:08:37 PM CST

By Stan @ 20:50 PM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..