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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Orange DREAM"

Orange DREAM

I can't remember what the proper order of events were in this dream, so I'll just wing it.

I was in a woman's clothing store with Tim, and he was helping me pick out clothes. He'd pick up one of those sleeveless cotton camisoles with embroidery and say "Stacey used to wear ones like these." IRL, Stacey was someone who worked at the same place that Tim did once, and believe me, she is not someone Tim would use as clothing inspiration. In the dream, however, the clothes were quite nice. Then I remember carrying a large yellow painting around, but it felt more like a large zinc plate. Then I was in Stan's old car, The Eagle, with him, and we had just gotten over an argument. We were sitting parked at some residential area, but I'm not sure where. It might have been Yuma or the older east side of Fort Collins, or maybe even on a side street near La Hacienda in Madison...just so hard to know. But for some reason I decided I was still mad at Stan, said something to him like an expletive, and then abruptly got out of the car. I didn't slam the door, but instead left it open because then he'd have to unbuckle himself to close it, which would take more time, therefore allowing me more time to make my escape as I walked down the road. I actually *wanted* him to drive after me to find me and plead for me to get back in the car, but it didn't happen. Instead, I went looking for him. For some reason, the colors orange and red played heavily into this part of the dream, like I was walking by fence posts painted those colors. I ended up at Yuma High School (where Stan graduated from). I went into a classroom and asked some coach-type guy if Stan Starbuck was there. He showed me a room where Stan was, but instead Stan's sister Marcia was in there. It was like a crafts class. She was either asking for some object to be fixed the way she wanted it, or someone was asking her to fix it. The object was a strange molded piece of glass that looked like a hybrid of a seashell and a cat's claw. This claw protruded from a spiral shell-like structure, and at the point where it came out of the shell, there was a raised area, like the part on a cat's paw. Marcia, or the person who was making the request from Marcia, wanted this smoothed down so that the claw would protrude without the ridge around it. I thought that an odd request, and I was given the "smoothing" job (how George Costanza of me!). I figured I could use the buffing equipment in the crafts class to take care of it. Then I remember looking at a painting I did, but it lookd like more of an abstract, atmospheric Bryce piece. It was all in various shades of orange, like thick orange smoke, clouds and sky above an orange terrain and water. I was remarking to whoever was with me, which may have been Stan by now, "Doesn't this look like hell?"


Maybe Marcia just wanted the clay object to look more erect.

Posted by Stan @ 09:29:2003:07:06 PM CST

It wasn't a clay object, Stan. It was a claw/shell hybrid made out of glass.

Posted by Ann @ 09:30:2003:12:35 PM CST


Posted by Stan @ 09:30:2003:09:46 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:50 AM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..