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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Confusing Denver DREAM"

Confusing Denver DREAM

A confusing dream. Stan was living in Fort Collins, and for some reason, I wasn't there; I was flying in from Wisconsin. I was supposed to meet him at the Rainbow Music Hall for some reason. I got off the plane, and got into my old Monza. I drove away from the airport and realized I had no idea where I was going. The traffic was really busy and I heard sirens. I pulled off on some exit, and asked a guy in the car next to me where I was. Then it was as if I was in some lobby of the Natural History museum in Denver. I was looking at a map, trying to figure out where to go. I was really tired, and thought maybe I should drive to Fort Collins, but didn't know if I would make it there before Stan got off of work and left for Denver. I was starving, and only had a few dollars on me. I was thinking of calling Stan, but didn't want to waste anymore time.

Also, something about looking at pictures of people; portraits. Don't know if I did them or what. And something about exacto blades and arranging white paper bricks with orange "mortar."


The Rainbow Music Hall is gone forever now - isn't it. We saw a lot of fun concerts there, but I'm not sure if I should mention any names of bands or not. I do remember having a lot of fun going there with you.

Posted by Stan @ 09:29:2003:07:08 PM CST

You can mention names if you want to, I won't hold it against you.

That was another era anyway.

Posted by Ann @ 09:30:2003:12:33 PM CST

I had a lot of fun going to these events with you. Who did we see? The Ramons, The Damed, Echo and the Bunneymen, Gene Loves Jesabel (or how ever it's spelled and who ever they were), Souxie and the Banches, and who else?

Posted by Stan @ 09:30:2003:09:45 PM CST

The Cure. Uhhhhhhhh.

And remember Denver Concert Guy? He was the ultimate Harold! Do you remember him? He was at every show!

Posted by Ann @ 09:30:2003:09:48 PM CST

Yes, I remember several Harolds at concerts. There was the neo nazi Harolds and the pot head Harolds, and wasn't one of them Jesica's boyfriend?

Posted by Stan @ 09:30:2003:09:51 PM CST

Well, he had a long mohawk which didn't stand up...i.e., shaved side of head, dirty blond hair. He could pass as either skinhead Harold (when and if he starched his 'hawk) or heavy metal pothead Harold if he let it hang long. As far as Jessica's Harold...are you thinking of Channel 12 Home Movie guy, or who?

Posted by Ann @ 09:30:2003:09:59 PM CST

Well, in my opinion I bet Jesica is a Harold slut and has tried to collect every kind possibly even including the Denver neo nazi variety.

Posted by Stan @ 09:30:2003:10:04 PM CST

Jessica was a female Harold. With better diction.

Posted by Ann @ 09:30:2003:10:05 PM CST

I'm sure her spelling is perfect too!

Posted by Stan @ 09:30:2003:10:06 PM CST

Well, I'm sure it used to be better than yours is, but after all those drugs she did, who cares?

Posted by Ann @ 09:30:2003:10:07 PM CST

By Ann @ 20:50 AM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..