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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Digital Media and Device DREAM"

Digital Media and Device DREAM

Stan bought me a bunch of...DVDs? CDs? Laserdisks? LPs? They were 12" and in thick boxes, like 1" thick. They weren't really usable if they were vinyl LPS, and they weren't playable if they were Laserdisks. And some of the titles (not that I can recall what they were) didn't impress me either, I mean, they weren't something I'd spend big money on, and I'm sure these were quite expensive. I asked Stan about it, and he said they were DVDs or CDs but that they just came in 12" cases. But doesn't that defeat the whole point of the COMPACT in Compact Disk?

I was also looking at my cellphone. I plugged it in to charge it, but then unplugged it immediately, but then it showed no charge whatsoever. Also, there were strange messages on the phone, like I was in a chatroom with people having moronic monosyllabic conversations.

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