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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Our New Cyborgs"

Our New Cyborgs

I am finding out lately that people are getting the hint that stealing bandwidth is bad. See, this is something I struggled with the first time I was on the internet. I didn't's all one internet...I save server space by linking to someone else's file (let me clarify this...the files were mine: graphics I made for them that they stored on their server or free "Geocities space" that I displayed in my gallery). I was told, not alltogether politely, however, that this was wrong and I was robbing the bandwidth of those I linked to. At the time I thought, hey, if you can afford to have your own server, you must be pretty well off and could afford to spare the bandwidth. Obviously, this was before I could afford my own domain and my own hosting, of course. Not that I can still afford it the way things have been going. But it was a technical issue. I had to grasp the technical concepts which were foreign to me. Once I grasped them, I then understood why it was wrong to link to others' images. (Even if they're you're own images on their server)

What I came into the game knowing was that ripping off people's work and passing it off as your own was wrong. I mean, this is common sense, isn't it? There's no learning about servers and bandwidth and and all that technical jargon...this is an innate sense of right and wrong, of ethics. And why would I want to rip off someone else's design? I was perfectly capable of making my own.

So this is what puzzles me. I'm finding that although the word is getting out and people are understanding that stealing bandwidth is bad, m'kay, they still don't get it that ripping off other people's designs, layout and art is bad. This is all backwards, just backwards.

It's as if a new breed of humans has been unleashed on this earth with an innate sense of understanding the technical aspect of the internet before they understand the human aspect of the internet. Wow. We are becoming a species of robots, aren't we?

Gone will be the days when computers are taught in class. We will be born into this earth pre-wired infants, no setup required, just plug 'n' play, yet devoid of human emotions, feelings and empathy.

By Ann @ 20:50 AM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..