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12:20:2003 Entry: "Stan : Another death dream."

Another death dream.

In the dream I had I was at my Grandmother Kiplinger's house, and there were lots of other people around. Eventually there was a rain storm followed by a tornado. I went outside to tell my younger cousins from California that a tornado was coming. I ended up taking shelter underneath a rose bush. My Grandfather grew hundreds of roses. The tornado passed and everyone was gone, except a female child whom I didn't recognize, but she said we were related.

Her parents had died, and as it seemed so had everyone else except us. We needed to travel somewhere else because the house was gone and since I was her only surviving relative I had to find someplace for her to live.

We ended up driving in a large white pickup truck in a snow storm. We were passing all the other cars on the road because we had the only vehicle that could handle the snow. (The large white pickup was old and had rear wheel drive, so I can't imagine that it would have been able to preform as well in waking life as it did in the dream.) This is where the dream ended with us driving an old white pickup in the snow and at night.


This is a wild dream!

Posted by Ann @ 10:04:2003:08:44 AM CST

Thank you, and I could have more dream time if I didn't have the early shift twice a week.

Posted by Stan @ 10:04:2003:07:01 PM CST

By Stan @ 20:50 PM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..