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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Pink Floyd Concert, Parasitic Bunny, and Tim's Weird Friend DREAM"

Pink Floyd Concert, Parasitic Bunny, and Tim's Weird Friend DREAM

Stan and I were going to a concert at the Barrymore, which I think was supposed to be a Pink Floyd concert. It was strange, because it was at The Barrymore! Seats what, 2000 tops? And it wasn't even crowded when we got there, maybe 20-30 people! It was sort of as if it was a high school auditorium or movie theatre, people were spread around the threatre more or less, not crammed up close like they do at concerts. Everyone was pretty casual about it. But whenever we tried to get a good seat, some snippy high school-age bitch would say it was taken and glare at us. We decided to go right down front, but were sort of on the side with not too good a few. Stan was standing on his seat, and some security guards came around to make sure that he was "lined up" correctly. I was thinking I was going to be disappointed by the show because they were old and Roger wasn't even a part of it anymore. I woke up before the concert.

Stan and I had a bunny. Stan was grooming it and found a weird thing sticking out of its skin, so he pulled it and it was an earthworm about 10 inches long. It freaked the hell out of me. Poor parasitic bunny.

I was supposed to get together with Tim, but couldn't remember his number to call him. I kept getting "blank" numbers where there was no ringing, nothing. Or I'd realize I'd dialed a wrong number and I'd hang up. Then I decided I'd go over to his condo and call him from there. I had no idea what I was thinking. I knew he wasn't home this weekend, but maybe I'd reach him better that way? Whatever. So I'm dialing his number at his place and it sounds like someone answers, but I suspect it's just the answerphone, so I say something, and then it sounds like someone breathes. As I'm leaving a message, I see Tim walk into the living room (this place looks absolutely nothing like his real place, BTW, it's really old and convoluted and yellow). It looks like he just got out of bed, his hair is long-ish and grey. He said that his plans fell through this weekend. There was a bunch of people in other rooms of his place and they were having a party or something. People were talking about strange things like personality disorders. There was one large woman there who was about 45 (although she looked much older than just a few years older than me) and very fat, maybe 250 lbs? She had very blonde hair, almost white...platinum, average length....not to her shoulders nor shortshort....just very typically Wisconsin looking. She was about Stan's height, maybe, but I'm not sure. She was saying that when she went to the bathroom and had a bowel movement, she did/said strange things, and she was wondering if anyone wanted to see what she was talking about? People were hesitant, and she persuaded them to take a look. I really didn't want to see a fat woman saying strange things as she shat, but I went along anyway just to be polite. But I couldn't find the bathroom, the condo/apartment was so weird the way it was layed out that navigating it was just so strange. Probably just as well, it would be a weird image to dream watching something like that. Weird how dreams put up their own roadblocks to protect you from things you are not meant to view. Then later, I remember a bunch of the people were standing outside. I saw Tim down the street, but he was standing with another man who I supposedly "knew" who was also tall, and a twin, and a Gemini. Tim's doppelganger, perhaps?

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