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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : It's Just a Perfect Day"

It's Just a Perfect Day

I do not like to take pleasure in other people's pain. When I hear about bad things happening to good--or even neutral--people, I feel bad myself. But I admit a guilty pleasure...I do take pleasure, perverse pleasure, when I hear the sky is falling down upon *some* people. Like those nights in my favorite TV show ever, Twin Peaks, when *everything* happens to one character all at once? Ben Horne is arrested for the murder of Laura Palmer and is set up by Katherine Martell as well as betrayed by unscrupulous business partners in his north-of-the border brothell? Why do these things happen all at once? I've had my share of the world collapsing all around me all at once. Everyone does. And it always feels undeserved. But there's something very comforting to know that sometimes karma does come around to bite people in the ass...hard.

Too bad, Rush. When they put you in the methadone clinic (yes, I heard *methadone* is used as a treatment for painkiller addiction because painkillers are opiate-based), you'll have to deal with those people who you have called "dope smoking maggot infested hippies." Maybe you shouldn't have been so hard on people with dependency problems, hmmm?

Under normal situations, it would be unfortunate, not tragic, just unfortunate. But under the conditions at hand, his history of defamatory name-calling of those on the left, of those who do not wear neckties that strangle out any common sense or humanity, not to mention brain cells, completely cancels out any sort of compassion or pity I would feel for someone in the same situation.

Instead, I'm chuckling. Karma bit him in the ass. What is unfortunate, however, is that his ass is so fat and he is so thickheaded, he will hardly feel the sting of karma's sharp teeth. And that's a pity.

"You're gonna reap just what you sow."
-Lou Reed, Perfect Day


I doubt if his dito heads will see the fact that Rush is as weak and damaged as all the other drug abusers in the world. His fans will give him so much sympothy that Rush will be as happy as a pig rolling in slop.

Posted by Stan @ 10:04:2003:07:11 PM CST

Oh, but I thought Rush didn't like the culture of victimhood!

I think they should treat him the way he has spoken of treating drug users...expell them from the country.

Someone who offers no compassion shouldn't expect any in return.

Sorry not to be compassionate myself, but consider this: "What would Rush do?" (If this scandall was about someone on the left?)

Posted by Ann @ 10:04:2003:07:17 PM CST

I don't have any sympothy for him, but what I'm saying is that his dito heads will probably have hearts full of pity like corn mush in a hogs feeding troff.

Posted by Stan @ 10:04:2003:07:24 PM CST

Sometimes someone jump in and reep what someone else sow though, means someone don't need to sow to reep as long as they have a strong army.

Posted by Nico @ 10:07:2003:06:42 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:51 AM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..