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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Weird psychic thing."

Weird psychic thing.

We were going to get together with Tim today because he was dog sitting this weekend and wanted us to meet a friendly pit bull. He was going to call us last night, but he never did, which is probably why I had that dream last night. But what I didn't know was why I dreamt the other symbolism with him looking like he just got out of bed with long grey hair, and why he was home when he wasn't supposed to be. So I decided to call him this morning, knowing that he wouldn't be home because he was dog sitting instead. I was, as in the dream, getting ready to leave a message on his phone, but he answered! Turns out he was sick the past couple of days, so the pit bull had to go to a doggie motel instead. That explains why in my dream he looked like he just got out of bed...he was sick!

I forgot to tell him about the fat woman who said weird things while she used the bathroom. I have no idea where that fits into reality.

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