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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAMS - past and last night"

DREAMS - past and last night

I was in the basement of my parent's house...the bathroom specifically. IRL that bathroom has a very strange odor. I have no idea what it is. Nothing else smells like it. It's always smelled that way, ever since they bought the place in 1973. The bathroom has never been upgraded since they bought it, and who knows if the previous owners upgraded it. (The house was built in the early 60s). It has a creepy shower stall that is just concrete floor that slopes inward toward the drain. The place gives me the creeps, frankly. Probably why I dreamt of it. In the dream I could smell that odor so well--it was so real. Also, in the dream, they had done some remodelling to it, but it was no less creepy. But the weird part is that the toilet was digital. You could flush it while sitting on it just by adjusting some dial on the seat (where your left inner thigh would be). Very odd.

I've been ignoring the recording of my dreams recently. I have been dreaming...I don't know why I haven't recorded them though. I think it's been a bit hard to remember them. But here are some snippets of recent dreams:

I was holding Bill's hand underneath a table. It gave me a thrill.

Stan and I had two frogs. They were both green and one was the frog we have IRL but the other one was wilder looking, more pointed snout. They escaped and I was afraid I lost them.

Something gross about people I knew from Jr. High, but I forgot what.

And I can't remember anything else.

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