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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs: Shirts and Shoeracks"

DREAMs: Shirts and Shoeracks

(As I was dreaming this early in the morning, I was listening to Wisconsin Public Radio and they had a garden show or something on...could've influenced it...who knows)

I was in a strange art class with Stan, taught by some guy...dark brown/black hair, fairly short, slight, glasses, I think, younger than Stan and I. We were sitting at tables and he was going on about some assignment that his class would be working on in carving. Everyone was taking notes, but I was wondering why bother because that was a different semester. Then he starts talking about using shoe racks. I'm still taking notes, but then I think and mutter to myself, "why do I care about using a stupid shoe rack?" and I flip my pen (a green bic pen) and it flies clear across the room. What's odd is that the classroom appears to be outside, and it lands near a corner gas station. Stan is sitting at a desk which is close to where I flip my pen, so I get his attention and motion to him if he could give me back my pen. I think he does and then I wake up.

Also, earlier in the night I dreamt I discovered a closet full of shortie halter tops that I once had (not really...I think I only had 3)...I don't know what these things are called...they were popular in the 70s...maybe halter isn't the right word? They were like a regular short sleeve top, but they didn't tuck in, the fabric turned into ties which you tied under your breasts. If you were flat chested like I was when I was 14, the tie just sort of hung loosely around your midriff...if you were busty, the tie cinched up your boobs. Well, of course I could barely even fit into the things now (and in the dream), but it was fun trying on them all. No, not really. It was fun in the dream because it was surreal and there were so many of them, but IRL I really couldn't be bothered with such girlishness, you know? The dream would've been fun for you, Stan, if you could've seen it.

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