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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Are there any weak people in the audience?"

Are there any weak people in the audience?

On holidays, Wisconsin Public Radio always has the most lame broadcasting. On Thanksgiving, this usually culturally-astute and socially-aware statewide radio network dons a care bear mask to hide its usual serious political tone and turns squishy soft to Oprah standards. As I lay in bed this morning, I knew I'd had enough, and that it was high time to get up and leave when they were talking about how not to overeat during the holidays. That was bad enough, but the guest started talking about how we "overdo it" to "make up for lost time" when we haven't seen our relatives for a long time." Just what was a long time by her definition? "three to four months." THREE TO FOUR MONTHS? WTF? TRY THREE TO FOUR YEARS, HONEY!

'The Hell?!?!

I don't get it? Just what is so *LONG* about not *SEEING* a relative in three to four months? Sometimes I don't even TALK ON THE PHONE to my dad for that long a time! (I call him once on Father's day and once on his birthday (which have approx. 5 and 7 months between them, and then I'll say something short to him if he accidentally picks up the phone instead of my mom when I call her...which is pretty rare (not the calling of my mom is rare...the father picking up the phone is rare)).

These are the type of people that you see that practically have a cellphone duct-taped to their head, or they're like that old cellphone ad of a couple years ago where their skeleto-muscular structure permanently conformed to the holding of a cellphone.

I could seriously live on a salary of what these people must spend on their cellphone bills.

They seem like a different species. What makes them so weak, so needy? But the big question is: Why are they so gullible to fall under the spell of the travel industry? You MUST travel on the holidays to be with family. Why, everyone does it!

The most I ever travelled at any age for Thanksgiving (and by car, at that) was when I lived in Colorado in my 20s, and it was no more than 150 miles one way. Stan and I would rotate years we had Thanksgiving with his family, who lived 150 miles away, and then the other year we would stay in town to have it with my family. Even when I was a kid, my parents never travelled to be with their parents over Thanksgiving...we always had it by ourselves until they permanently brought my grandparents to the town they lived in. Once Stan and I moved to Wisconsin, the travelling was over. I was always fascinated how empty the roads were the day before Thanksgiving. I must say, I really enjoyed the desolate eastern Colorado plains and the crispness of a late fall morning to travel. But...I thought it was supposed to be *busy* travelling this time of year. Where was everyone? Oh yeah, they all flew.

And flying is what I'm supposed to be doing now, living 1000 miles away from my family. Oh sure, I have a few hundred extra bucks to spend on plane fare and another hundred bucks or so to board the dogs, and another hundred bucks or so for car rental. Not to mention it's impossible for Stan to take off work. No problem! Travelling on Thanksgiving is The American Way! Get out there are Fly! Go buy stuff!

Yeah, it's the American Way for the rich and the soft, and those who aren't rich but they're soft enough to not want to think of themselves as Unamerican so they go in debt up to their earlobes just so they can live out some sort of N*rman R*ckwell fantasy camp.

Baaaaaaaaa! Baaaaaaa!

Mmmm...lamb chops.

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