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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Rigged Dog Shows"

Rigged Dog Shows

Around noon today, I suddenly remembered that I had seen a coming attraction the other night for some kind of dog show to be shown on network TV today after those dreadful parades. I quickly ran downstairs, hoping I hadn't missed it. I figured I'd not missed much, if anything. They were on the Toy group, and a Pekingese was strutting down the runway. Surely Pug was after Peke, no? No. They quickly rounded up the contestants, and a mini poodle won best of group. OK, well, there was still more to come. The Non Sporting Group was next. Yay, my favorite group of dogs. They showed a Bulldog and a Boston, but they just skimmed by the French Bulldog. They didn't even show it being walked by the handler! It sure seemed like the commercials were taking far much more precedent over the content of the show, causing them to omit certain breeds...lots of breeds. And yes, the Standard Poodle won for the Non Sporting Group.

I say it's a conspiracy. Every show a poodle wins something.

Needless to say, I went back to work and didn't continue to watch the program.

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