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12:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : What they must be thinking"

What they must be thinking

They come into your greenhouse during the holiday season. They don't buy pointsettas, they don't buy wreaths or Christmas trees. They don't buy gift items or all that fancy crap you take on this time of year. They buy the most unlikely, ugly, prickly things imaginable. Lookout...they're CACTUS PEOPLE!!!! AAAAAaaaagggggghhhhhh!

And they're headed for your town!


Isn't there something called christmas cactus?

Posted by Nico @ 11:30:2003:05:59 AM CST

Yah. We have a few of them. They make pretty cool blooms.

Posted by Ann @ 11:30:2003:08:53 AM CST

It's an illness, but I prefer cacti to all of the silly things that are in stores intended to make christmas into that 'best time of the year'.

Posted by Stan @ 11:30:2003:05:56 PM CST

I always thought all the things in the stores basically is intended to make christmas into the best profit of the year ;)

Posted by Nico @ 12:01:2003:01:38 AM CST

Yes, this is true. And I bet these companies are desparately trying to find another "Christmas"...Easter, Halloween...or some manufactured holiday so that they can market and sell worthless gimmicks to increase their profits even more.

I wish Christmas was just a religious holiday, so that those who wish to celebrate it in a religious manner can, while those of us who are not of that religion (and the religion has now become Capitalism) are not bothered by it any more than the countless religious holidays that quietly dot the calendars unnoticed by the general public.

Those of you in Europe must see reports on the TV of Americans trampling eachother to death as the doors open up at WalMart at 6 am last Friday. I am embarrassed by that behavior. This country is so self-centered...gimme gimme gimme. And its attention span is so short and it always has to be amused.

Posted by Ann @ 12:01:2003:08:13 AM CST

It's not much different in western Europe when it comes to hysterical christmasshopping. Everything is much bigger in the US though whether it's the numbers of christmasdecorations or the size of the christmastree, kind of funny how people over there even overdecorate their house on the outside with lights and shit ;)

Posted by Nico @ 12:02:2003:05:27 AM CST

The exterior decorations are the worst! I don't mind the lights if they're done tastefully with an eye for color harmonies and interactions (which is rare...I hate rainbow lights), but that other crap...inflatable snowmen, plastic nativity scenes, wireframe Mr. and Mrs. Claus with lights...faux reindeers on the roof...ugh. And then there's those who never take their lights down for the entire year. Grrrrrr.

Posted by Ann @ 12:02:2003:10:33 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:52 PM CST:12:20:03 ..::Link::..