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12:01:2003 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs and such"

DREAMs and such

I can't remember the dreams that I had the past two nights very well, other than last night I was travelling somewhere southwest of Madison and crossing traintracks while the red lights were flashing. The night before last I dreamt a woman Stan and I used to know came to our door and Stan answered it againt his better judgment.

I keep having these dreams that these people best left in the past are coming back to talk to me. Maybe because it does happen. People you haven't seen for years and years suddenly get up the courage to make contact again, for whatever reason. And usually they should just remain in the past.

I'm not talking about the people you see infrequently...the people that live out of state that you only see once every other year anyway. They never left you. I'm talking about the people who you abruptly stop hearing from. Or those that you abruptly end the relationship with. Or those who you've drifted from to the point that the relationship died a natural death of old age.

And you wonder why they want contact with you again when there's no common ground to be had. These people all share one common trait--they are very self-centered--it's almost as if they want you solely as another name for their address book, not because they really want to regain a mutally-satisfying friendship. You talk about your life and tell them what you've been doing. But they don't care. They don't really want to know you again. So why did they bother?

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