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12:08:2003 Entry: "Ann : More Sheep"

More Sheep

Well, I figured it out. I am a ghost. It explains why only a few people--the gifted and the damned--can see me, or hear me, or read my words, or see my paintings, while others can't. It's because to the mass populous...I do not exist.

I'm glad I got that straightened makes perfect sense now.

I am really hating society today. I am edgy and I need chocolate like a smoker needs a cigarette. What's really pissing me off is all these "experts" saying that you can't get zits from it.

I hate experts. They live in their own little expert world and their whole point is to disprove everything that has gone before them. Of course, I'm sort of like that myself, so I can't really condemn them for that. But the thing is, they totally live out of the left side of their brain. Sometimes there are things to old wives tales and fables and ancient arts like astrology. Yet you can't be all disney witch airy fairy woo woo gullible about it either. You need to know which side of the brain to trust, and that's the problem with so many people, they have no sixth sense or inner vision or awareness.

They disprove old myths with their new theories, while at the same time they go blindly along with the rest of the herd, buying into the holiday celebrations, not giving a second thought to "why am I doing this? Is this really necessary?"

A herd of nerds. Absurd.


About not existing... You seem to think quite much, as Rene Descartes once said "Cogito ergo sum" - I think, therefor I am, concidering his philosophy I believe you exist. Maybe the problem is that you're not seen because you don't scream loud enough, simply because you're not the screamingtype, but someone who tend to drown in the noise of others.

Posted by Nico @ 12:09:2003:05:05 AM CST

Oh, I scream allright. And then I get in trouble for it. It's because when I scream--or even whisper (especially the whisper...sometimes that speaks volumes)--it points out the hypocrisy in others...usually to their own embarrassment. So they stifle my voice. They can scream, but their screaming is ok because it's just blah blah blah dumb dumb dumb noncommittal. But then when someone actually says something in their screaming--or whispering--that's a different story.

Also, the great unwashed are mostly illiterate, so if I express my views in a well-presented, literate format with sentence structure, fairly proper grammar, spelling, all those formalities, albeit presenting a not-so-popular viewpoint, it reads like:

"di kkwdi oi34o8 jd kw e 239jrkekk ek jejejek yjsy od ypp ler;Er; rbrtupmr vsm vp,[trjrmf yjsy/ Rcvr[y [rp[;r ;olr ,udr;g;"

i.e., it's incomprehensible to them.

However, if I wrote:

"taht is 2 kewl!" Well, everyone can comprehend that. Except people like myself.

Posted by Ann @ 12:09:2003:08:41 AM CST

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