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12:09:2003 Entry: "Ann : It's The Little Things"

It's The Little Things

Last week I just randomly decided to do a search for "Fontographer won't work OSX" and came up with some info on Macromedia's site regarding how to get it to work in Macintosh System 10. I needed to install the Non-FPU (Floating Point Unit...don't know what it means) version, and it'll run in Classic. I've had this new OSX-based computer over two years and just now I figure out how to use Fontographer on it! Better late than never, I suppose. Now I won't have to restart in System 9 or work on my iBook to add my dingbats to Fontographer. Works great, but each time I do a major function like cut/paste/save, the darn Fontographer Icon in the dock bounces once. Won't keep bouncing, fortunately, just a single hop. Annoying. Maybe it'll take another two years to figure out how to stop its bouncing. But for now I'm thrilled. I can continue to use Fontographer indefinitely on OS X (in Classic). The thought of having to find a new font creation program (I've tried Scan Font and its relatives...can't figure the dang copy paste function out...don't like it at all) was quite discouraging.

I'm not getting a flu shot. I've never gotten a flu shot. I say save them for the people that really need them. I'm self-employed so I'm not in contact with the public much, either as a transmitter or receiver. I'm not in a high risk group either age or health-wise. If I get the flu, I can afford to be sick, I have unlimited sick days (or zero sick days, depending on how you look at it) and the only ones that'll be inconvenienced are the dogs if I can't take them out enough or customers if I don't get their orders to them in time. I just hate these 30-year-old built-like a Mack Truck type, strapping, healthy Wisconsin yocal guys who hear about the flu shot shortage and think they need to rush out and gobble up all the vaccines while they can. Typical self-centered Darwinians. Save it for those who need it. Idiots. Look out for #1. Am I the only American who doesn't think like one?


Young people shouldn't take flu shots as it just gives them a lousy immunesystem. In my country only groups with a huge risk to die and the very elderly get it.

Posted by Nico @ 12:10:2003:06:45 AM CST

Makes more sense, Nico. I truly think our country has MUCH to learn from the more socialistic western European nations as far as healthcare equity. But heaven forbid someone say that or they're labelled unAmerican (rolls eyes).

Someone (who shall remain nameless) said regarding our effed-up way of distributing these flu vaccines: "This would never happen in Cuba." Not that they are an admirer of Cuba or communism...on the contrary. But just because something has bad qualities doesn't mean it also doesn't also have good qualities.

Posted by Ann @ 12:10:2003:09:19 AM CST

Nothing has only bad qualities, even capitalism has some good ones.. ;)

Posted by Nico @ 12:11:2003:02:51 AM CST

By Ann @ 01:25 PM CST:12:09:03 ..::Link::..