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12:09:2003 Entry: "Ann : Cactus Window"

Cactus Window

I live in an old house in the city. They are close together. In my computer room, all I can see out my window is my neighbor's house, four feet or so away. But the cactii help.

When we gave a cactus we had cultivated from a "pup" to Stan's cousins, Dave and Suzy, Suzy said she should name it. I guess either she or her daughter name their plants. I never thought of that, but Adelle in Kalifornia named cactuses. Hmmm...maybe I'll name these four.

OK, don't ask.

cactuswindow (36k image)


What is the first one on the left? I like that!

Posted by Tina @ 12:10:2003:01:55 AM CST

That's a rather limited view, if my neighbors window was that close I would cover up my window. The cactus to the left is a broccoli, Tina - at least it look like one ;)

Posted by Nico @ 12:10:2003:06:39 AM CST

...not that I want to insult your cactus, Ann ;)

Posted by Nico @ 12:10:2003:06:40 AM CST

Hey, Tina! :) That one is Nick. Oh, you mean the real name that horticulturalists gave it? I have no idea. There's no number on the bottom of the pot that Stan would've put there if he identified it, so I don't think we've identified it yet. I suspect it is an Opuntia (genus) but not sure what the species is. But I'm not sure really. Hey Stan, do you know? (He won't respond, he never reads my comments unless he makes one first)

Nico, we all need a little light, even if it's partially blocked by a vinyl-sided house. ;-) And if I had a really nice view out of my computer room, I'd never get any work done!

Nick is not offended by the broccoli comment.

Posted by Ann @ 12:10:2003:08:57 AM CST

Just asked Stan. It's not an Opuntia. It's a Cereus Peruvianus Monstrosus Minor. Take a look here.

We got ours at a greenhouse locally, which are generally very lax in identification, unlike Colorado greenhosues. Some of the cactuses we buy here even have little tags that say "product of Canada." How ironic is that? Ya, Canada...big cactus country. Not.

Posted by Ann @ 12:10:2003:10:00 AM CST

Great! I wrote that down. I have two greenhouses nearby, both about a 10 minute walk.

Or.......I could just stick some broccoli in a pot! :-D

Posted by Tina @ 12:10:2003:11:43 PM CST

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