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12:10:2003 Entry: "Ann : More Tim Stress"

More Tim Stress

I was a stressed out nervous wreck last night. I couldn't get in touch with Tim. We were supposed to go out to eat last night. I received a phone call from his friend Julie that she had taken him to the emergency room...he had blurry vision and evidentally he had been bleeding internally. They didn't admit him and released him last night after adjusting his anti-coagulant (sp?) levels.

This is so hard to deal with.

I wish the guy had treated his health better from day one. I wish he would've listened to us and gone to the doctor when we told him to after we saw an enlarged blood vessel in his leg. There's only so much insisting you can do before it turns into nagging and before the listener becomes deaf to it. You can't force someone to go to a doctor. You can't force them to eat healthy. You can't force them to stop smoking. You can't force the country bumpkin doctors he had as a kid to properly diagnose his condition. Damn it.

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