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01:08:2003 Entry: "Ann : Kevin"


Did another cactus rescue this weekend. Went to Home Depot and got some little guys (their cactuses are dwindling). Kevin the checkout dork (don't know if that's his name, but he was very Kevin ala Kevin from RepoMan) wouldn't bag them. He just left them in our cart. It was below freezing outside! I'm so used to the conscientious clerks at Johannsen's or Bruce Company or Jung...even when it's about 50 degrees outside, they always wrap your live purchase just to be safe. But Kevin wouldn't budge.

'Do you have something to wrap them in?' Stan or I asked.

'Um...nooo.....' said Mr. Mush for brains.

'A Box? A Bag?'

'No, we don't have any bags...'

'You don't have any bags?!' I asked incredulously. It was so obvious this peabrain just didn't want to wift a wittle finger because the big mean cactuses could give him an owie. What a wuss. I tell you, no teenage guy his age from MY generation would be afraid of a cactus, that's for sure! What a pudding butt...what a soft sweaty-palmed potato boy.

There were bags. There were plenty of bags. And there were probably boxes too, although I couldn't see behind his counter, I saw behind other counters, and there were boxes galore. Stan and I started grabbing plastic bags that were RIGHT THERE IN PLAIN SIGHT and we started wrapping our own cactuses. We made another customer wait while we stood in line wrapping our cactuses. Heh.

Yes, folks, Home Depot is a U-Bag-It store! Betcha didn't know that.

Stan says it worked out for the best as we wrapped our own and he wouldn't trust wimpy Kevin to do it properly anyway. There's something really funny about watching a cactusphobic wrapping our cactuses. They do it ever so timidly. On Sunday we bought one cactus at a garden center in a nearby town, as well as ten clay pots. The checkout girl, who was probably confused by our purchase as it wasn't some ornament or red velvet-bowed poinsetta, asked us what we're using the pots for. Stan said we have cactus that need to be potted in clay pots.

'You have that many?' she asked.

'Yes,' we answered. We have that many. At least. I was laughing inside to think that ten cactuses could be considered 'that many.'

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