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01:17:2003 Entry: "Ann : I don't understand what happened."

I don't understand what happened.

Why are we on Orange, or High, Alert? I thought after we captured Saddam Hussein, America was a safer place. Shouldn't it have stayed in the Yellow zone if that were the case? And if we really were *safer* wouldn't it have actually gone down to the Blue zone?

And that's a point of contention I have with that silly terror warning scale. Why do they have the blue color between the yellow and the green? Any artist would tell you that is so wrong! It doesn't make sense at all. Blue should be the lowest form of terror alert, not green. Of course those radar graphics for weather don't make a lot of sense if you look at them through an artist's eye either.

I guess capturing Hussein didn't really make it that safe after all, did it? It was just smoke and mirrors.


Did you forget about Mr. Bin Laden and the sleeper cells out there honey? There's some real threats. It's not all just about you.

Posted by Preston @ 12:29:2003:12:07 AM CST

Did you forget about Mr. Bin Laden and the sleeper cells out there honey? There's some real threats. It's not all just about you.

Posted by Preston @ 12:29:2003:12:08 AM CST

Another instance of my point being totally missed.

Duh...Bin Laden IS still out there...Exactly. This country is NOT safer just because we captured Hussein. What part of this do YOU not get, hon?

Well, as my mom once told me, never use irony or sarcasm with a child...they're not that intellectually developed to fathom it yet.

Posted by Ann @ 12:29:2003:09:33 AM CST

Hmmm...Ryan...oops, I mean Preston. From the Wayne, NJ area. Preston wouldn't be your middle name, would it? Still stalking my sites, I see. Get help.

Posted by Ann @ 12:29:2003:09:54 AM CST

There is no doubt that we, the United States of America have enemies, and our government, military, and law enforcement communities have very difficult jobs to do. Duhh - if there is anyone who doesn't understand these things, no matter what their positical views are, they are probably living in a shack in Montana and growing their own parsnips for survival.

The point Ryan...(excuse me), Preston fails to understand is that our Fascist styled Republican Government is taking us down the same garden path that President Hoover in the mid - early 20th century. Hey...does anyone remember the 20th century, or are all of you young ones simply living from day to day for the sake of your own hormones?

Welcome to the next great depression - brought to you by the newly restyled Fascist slanted Republican party.

Posted by Stan @ 12:29:2003:10:36 AM CST

Don't be too hard on on's hormones, Stan. They're all mixed up from his young teenage days from pretending to be a 30-something female webdesigner.

Posted by Ann @ 12:29:2003:10:43 AM CST

Hey Ann! Yes, 'tis I! After all these years I fired up your site and found this wonderful display of the Ann-S-Thesia I remember. Oh, how I remember you well! I just had to leave that little morsel of a comment for you last night. I wasn't expecting such a dramatic response, but boy did it make tonight special!

That advice your mother gave you about children not being able to fathom any type of irony or sarcasm is malarkey. Come on now, I was able to completely understand everything you spewed on your site years ago. The ironic part of it all is that I would have been considered a child then. I was able to put two-and-two together and deduce that Ramen noodles as a dinner meant someone was less fortunate.

Point well taken about my comment though. It's a different way of looking at the issue that I neglected to pick up immediately. Of course, I did read this entry at its face value (as a brightly colored Blog) and didn't put on my critical thinking goggles for the adventure. Rest assured, next time I will though!

Oh, and the hormones. They are kicking around just fine, but thanks for asking! By the way, you can call me R. Preston these days. Best wishes for a prosperous new year. xoxo

Posted by Preston @ 12:29:2003:09:11 PM CST

It's good to know that there are people who can admit that they've failed to read something with their critical thinking cap on and can go back to recheck the material for less obvious content.

It's nice to know that your hormones are doing well, R. Preston and may good things happen for you because of them too.

Posted by Stan @ 12:29:2003:09:29 PM CST

This is too damn funny.

Posted by Ann @ 12:29:2003:09:35 PM CST

By Ann @ 09:58 PM CST:01:17:03 ..::Link::..