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01:17:2003 Entry: "Ann : My own Terror"

My own Terror

They interviewed some entitled American traveller on the news. She said in regard to the terror warnings: "Of course I'm going to travel, what are you supposed to do, stay home?"

Well, yes. Hon, I stay home all the time on the holidays. (I can't believe I used the word "Hon", but it does make a very good condescending form of addressing).

I'm under a terror warning all the time. It's called Economic Terror. If the economy goes down any further, I'm screwed. I don't lose money in the stock market...I don't have money in the stock market. I watch as all the rich people get tax breaks. We get nothing. Not a thing. Our taxes increase, not decrease. My business shrinks, not expands. I wonder what items of mine I will have to pawn. I cannot paint anymore...I can't afford the supplies. My nearly 3 year old hard drive--the only thing that I have that allows me any income--is being repaired. I will have to charge it, and I will not be able to pay off the credit card. I've lived under the state of Economic Terror since this president was elected, each year it gets worse. Sometimes it gets a little better temporarily, but only temporarily. The best times were in the last term of the Clinton era. Those were good years. Not that we could afford to travel for the holidays or anything...not that we could ever afford to do that. But I've lived with that all my life. But this adminstration has got me scared. And the prospect of spending another 4 years under Economic Terror has me on High Alert.

It's the sense of entitlement that so many Americans have that must be what rubs those in other countries wrong.

No, Hon, no one expects YOU to stay home. YOU're entitled to get out there and travel. It's owed to're an American. And I don't like the fact that you're on TV speaking for me.

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