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01:20:2003 Entry: "Ann : Monstera Deliciosa"

Monstera Deliciosa

My Swiss Cheese plant has its first hole!

We started it from seed like 2 or 3 years ago...forgot which. The first leaves were just generic "philodendron/heart-shaped." I worried it wasn't a true "Swiss Cheese" plant, but just noticed the hole yesterday. What a thrill!

I have a small, vining version of it to, in a hanging basket. But it came with holes.

Holes in plants always remind me of The Beatles Yellow Submarine. And my first real bad pot experience. Hard to explain.

I was getting Cs in my college Freshman Drawing class 24 years ago. This was strange to me...I'd been A art student in high school. We'd been working in black and white materials the entire semester. Then we went over to the University Horticultural building to draw color. This was the pivotal assingment...where the true artists start to excel, and the average students--who had been doing superbly in the first part of the semster--started floundering. It was too challenging for most of the students, but I picked a vining Monstera Deliciosa (because of the holes) to draw in oranges and blues. That's when I stopped getting Cs and started getting As.

That time of life I was listening to The Wall too. Don't know if that's relevant or not.

Can still sometimes feel those holes going through me if I get in the right frame of mind.


Was this drawing ever hung in the hall display cases at CSU, because it seems familiar?

Posted by Stan @ 12:30:2003:07:35 PM CST

Yes, it was! Do you remember that? Wow, your memory is as good as mine! >:-D

Posted by Ann @ 12:30:2003:07:39 PM CST

There is no way my memory is as good as yours. After all you're a Cancer and I'm a Tarus, but I think I remember seeing that drawing.

Posted by Stan @ 12:30:2003:07:41 PM CST

By Ann @ 09:08 PM CST:01:20:03 ..::Link::..