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01:03:2004 Entry: "Ann : Uncomfortable Holiday Party DREAM"

Uncomfortable Holiday Party DREAM

I should've written this dream down sooner so I could've remembered more. Oh well.

For some odd reason, I was going to some holiday party with Stan's biological mom. Stan was not with me, he was with Tim somewhere. His mom and I were walking up some stairs to a house...sort of a brick and frame cape cod style. IRL, his mom is keeping Stan a secret from everyone except her mother and her own kids. Supposedly it would harm her business if the community knew. Well, whatever. Anyway, this seeped into my dream, so as we're walking up the steps, I ask her, "Who am I?" I know that sounds sort of cryptic, but in my dream I intended it to mean, "what is my supposed relationship to you that I can tell these people at the party in case they ask?" His mom thought about it for a while--perhaps she was confused by my question. I asked again, "Am I your webdesigner? No, that wouldn't work too well," I knew I would have to answer to someone else's page design. As we were standing on the steps, I saw a man in a car pull up who looked sort of like pictures of her brother that I've seen. I forgot what we settled on as to "who I am". We go into the house, and immediately, I lose track of Stan's mom. I sit down at a table with a whole bunch of people I don't know. Fortunately, they are ignoring me. Then this person walks into the room who looks a lot like Stan, except he/she has wavier hair, in a very female style. I ask, "Stanley Starbuck, is that you?" I wanted it to appear, in case it was Stan, that my relationship to him was rather distant and formal, which is why I didn't say, "Stan, is that you?" The person looked at me and ignored me. Evidentally, it wasn't Stan. As the party progressed, each time I looked at that person I realized he (he was now definitely a He) was mutating in looks, becoming more masuline, hair turning darker and shorter, and also looking less like Stan and more ugly in sort of a working class Tony sort of way. I also noticed he had an identical twin with him. Everyone in the party had a northeastcoast accent, and I heard talk of things that sounded slightly, um...Mafiosaesque. I think I then said something to the twin guys apologizing for mistaking him/them for someone else before. They then started talking to me and asking me questions. I was afraid they were going to ask me who Stanley is. Then they made jokes that I had a weird way of trying to pick of guys. I explained I was not looking to pick them up, that I genuinely mistook them for someone. They then said there was some sort of dating service I could use. I told them I wasn't interested and that I was married. They started laughing and going "whoooooah, she's MARRIED!" I then wondered what if they asked me who I was married to, who would I say, as I couldn't then say I was married to Stan, as surely a wife would know what her own husband looks like! (At least in real life, maybe not in a dream...heh) I then thought I would say I was married to Tim, and in case they tried to contact him, I hoped he would vouch for my alibi.

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