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01:05:2004 Entry: "Ann : Another Annoying In-Law DREAM"

Another Annoying In-Law DREAM

I was visiting Stan's adopted mom and aunt in Colorado. Stan's adopted sister was there too, along with her oldest daughter (she just had a new baby--at 40), but the man she was with didn't look like her husband, neither did he look like how I envisioned a "boyfriend" of hers to look like either. This guy was big and brawny, brown hair, beard, moustache. Very Deke and Delbert and Carl. Stan's mom and aunt were giving me orders to fetch them things, like newspapers so they could rest their legs on them. When I brought them a recent newspaper, they told me they wanted an older one. I was rather angry that they were ordering me around like their servant, when the things they were requesting were rather strange and not easily fetched. Then, Stan's sister put on some modern C&W music that was really loud and rowdy, but it didn't bother the older women at all. But it sure bothered Stan and me. We thought it was strange how it was too obnoxious for us, but not for the older ladies. (Probably because it was C&W!) Stan and I were making faces, and his sister and her boyfriend were saying that it's not that bad, we just have to get used to it. I said something like, "Well, we'll just have to play Pink Floyd, then, won't we?" As if the melodic landscapes and philosophical words of Pink Floyd could out-obnoxiousify that dreadful C&W? Well, maybe it could...I don't know. Depends on who you are, I guess. But I wanted out, and Stan and I started discussing how we were going to leave the next day and not stick around anymore. We were looking at maps and planning our escape. We were going back to Fort Collins (not Madison) and planned to take two days to get there (to Fort Collins...weird...I guess we wanted to take a very scenic route). Then in the dream Stan and I were travelling. This is a reocurring part...we're driving northward in what appears to be the Fort Collins area, like around LaPorte. We're either on 287 or Shields or Taft Hill or one of those, and we enter a low-lying area in the road. I think a place like that actually exists on Taft. There's lots of snow and there's people pulled off. There's a creek going under the road where it is low. Sometimes I dream about this in the summer and there is no snow and I'm on my bike.


Happy new year :)

Posted by Nico @ 01:07:2004:07:59 AM CST

Happy New Year, Nico!

Posted by Ann @ 01:07:2004:08:08 AM CST

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