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02:23:2004 Entry: "Ann : That Poinsetta Appeal"

That Poinsetta Appeal

One time when Stan and I went to a local greenhouse to buy cacti around the holidays, the woman at the checkout said it was nice to see someone buying cacti instead of big ugly red flowers (poinsettas). I don't know if she had anything to do with running the greenhouse or if she was just an employee, but I suppose greenhouse owners/managers have to sell plants they don't particularly care for themselves. It is a dream of mine to have my own greenhouse and sell plants--it's only a's not a possibility--and I would have to carry the mandatory pedestrian popular species not because I would want to, but in order to stay in business I would have to. When one isn't in business solely to make money, but because they truly love what they are in business for, they have to feature products that maybe they don't particularly care for themselves, but because it is a hot seller and it will make them money so they can stay in business and sell the items they enjoy selling and promoting--like poinsettias during the holidays. Maybe they'd rather sell the stranger species of Euphorbias (don't I WISH I could find a greenhouse like that!), but because most people don't buy those, they stock up on the most popular Euphorbia, that big ugly red flower.

Most people don't notice. Most people don't think about it. That's what I'm hoping anyway...for my own "greenhouse."

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