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02:29:2004 Entry: "Stan : I'm a Ferocactus dream"

I'm a Ferocactus dream

In the beginning of the dream our friend Bill took Ann and I to a restaurant building at night and gave me a recipe for soup. The next day I returned to the restaurant by myself because I left my coat with a pay stub and the recipe in the pocket in the building. I sat down at an uncleared table and ordered a soup and salad, and was eating in front of left over dirty dishes. A young boy came up to y table and spat chewed up food in my soup and salad. I stopped eating.

I approached a table of older men and asked if the owner of the restaurant was among them. He was and I explained to all of them that I had left my coat and was hoping to get it back. I had to describe to coat in detail, the information on my pay stub to them. I told them there was also a soup recipe in one of the pockets, but I hadn't read it yet. I explained that I needed the pay stub so I could balance my checking account, and I wanted everything returned.

They told me that even though these things were mine they couldn't be returned to me.

In the end of my dream I was some sort of Ferocactus living in the sandy soil of a hilly plane. I think I was a Ferocactus acanthodes, and I felt very happy about being a cactus and even happier that I didn't have to be incarnate in another human life form.

When I woke up I had a new idea for germinating some Ferocactus seeds this spring, and I also thought about a Ferocactus flavovirens that had been given to me as a gift in 1996. I had stupidly watered it one winter and killed the main mother plant when it was about 10" tall, but most of the tillers survived. I still have about a dozen of these little plants and they're all doing well.

Today at work I spoke to an old friend/coworker who told me that a women whom we both knew had passed away. The woman who had passed away was the woman who had given me the large Ferocactus flavovirens as a gift. She had cancer and I had known that she probably wasn't going to be around much longer, but I was still surprised to know that she had died. The Ferocactus flavovirens she gave me was is one of the best gifts ever, and I'm very happy that I still have offspring from that plant.


Wow, that's a wild dream:

Not only are you dreaming about cactii, you are dreaming you ARE a cactus!

It's also prophetic that you dreamed about that cactus that M. gave you, and then today you heard she had died. Maybe she was trying to contact you somehow?

Posted by Ann @ 01:24:2004:08:08 PM CST

I think you're right, and she was contacting me perhaps to say good by.

Posted by Stan @ 01:24:2004:08:38 PM CST

By Stan @ 20:20 PM CST:02:29:04 ..::Link::..