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03:02:2004 Entry: "Ann : Just Say No to Chocolate"

Just Say No to Chocolate

I haven't had any chocolate for about a month now (it's actually been much longer than that, but my mom did send some brandy balls with chocolate in them, and I did cheat a little on those...I did break out a little around xmas (which can be attributed to the balls), but it wasn't as much as I usually do.), and my face is the clearest it has been EVER in the winter. Usually around this time, I'm hiding indoors because I can't be seen...face too broken out. Now I'm just hiding indoors because it's cold and snowy.

To those who extol the virtues of chocolate and pooh-pooh those "old wives tales" that say chocolate is bad for the complexion, I won't be so crude as to tell you to stuff it, but I will ask you to pay for my dermatologist. Certainly with the Chocolate Council lining your back pockets you can afford to. But personally, I'd rather just go without the chocolate and go without the vanity doctor, thank you very much. I suspect most women would rather not, but then again, I'm not like most women. And sometimes old wives tales aren't a bunch of hogwash, as they must have originally had a basis in some reality...a collective wisdom culled from ages of trial, error, and experience.


Olive Oil. Also around this time of year, my facial skin is not only broken out, but also dry and flaky. What a dreadful combination! But I thought I'd try something that mediterranean women have used for ages...olive oil. After each shower (which dries out my face immensely) I apply olive oil. Pure, virgin olive oil. It does wonders! Now some would think that if I'm susceptible to breakouts, what the heck am I doing putting oil on my face? Well, it's two different things. The breakouts are coming from inside (suspect culprit: chocolate), whereas the dryness is external, and so is the olive oil. I could soak my face in oil and all it would do would be to make the skin soft and less flaky, whereas if I never put a drop of oil on but indulged in chocolate to my heart's content, I'd look like a pizza.


Yes, a lot less of the winter break out process, and you seem a lot happier too. Chocolate is suppose to make us feel better and a dose of the dark magic does the job for a few moments. It doesn't seem worth all of the side effects and winter is depressing enough without having to fight off the zits too.

I eat very little chocolate, sometimes there will be some chocolate candy in the breakroom at my job and I'll have some. I never buy the stuff for my own indulgent pleasure. If I wanted to have a dedicant self indulgent food experience in the world of junk food I get some fritos or cheese crackers.

Chocolate is yummy, but it's hard to imagine how so many people find it addicting.

Ann haven't you been haunted by dreams of large tempting blobs of chocolate?

Posted by Stan @ 02:05:2004:06:12 PM CST

Fritos? Indulgent? I'd rather eat SUSHI! Now THAT'S indulgent! But for cheap thrills, I guess I'd rather have some cheese. Go figure. Hey, I was born in Wisconsin...must be in my blood.

Yes, it is amazing how people find it addicting. I'd be willing to bet it's like cigarettes. I miss the taste, but I just shrug my shoulders at it for the most part.

Yes, I have had a few dreams I'm eating it, but I think it's not so much for missing it but for doing something forbidden...dreams where you're doing something you're not supposed to. Does that make sense?

Posted by Ann @ 02:05:2004:06:17 PM CST

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