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03:03:2004 Entry: "Ann : The Boob Tube"

The Boob Tube

Supposedly there is a woman in Tennessee who is filing a class action lawsuit against J*net, J*stin, MTV, et al regarding the whole Nipplegate situation. Evidentially this woman is seeking some sort of compensation on behalf of all Americans for suffering emotional damages.

Um, ya. Emotional damages. Because she saw a partially-ornamented nipple the size of a fly on her tv set. OK....

First of all, I'm not condoning this really stupid, skanky stunt. It was STUPID, OK? It was STOOOOPID. And I'm sick of stupid, which is WHY if I WERE to have watched the Superbowl (which I didn't...I probably would've if the Packers or the Broncos would've played, but I'm only a fairweather football fan...and hardly a fan at that) the channel would've gotten CHANGED during halftime. Halftime entertainment is stupid, whether it's college marching bands as in the so-called "good old days of decent family halftime entertainment" or whether it's the moron crotch-grabbers of today. It's ALL stupid. I'll put on the news during halftime, thankyouverymuch.

Nonetheless, I'm just baffled by the amount of media attention this is getting, and how it keeps getting regurgitated and rehashed over and over by the very people who seem to be offended the most by it! Just get over it already. It was STUPID. Hey, lady in Tennessee, why not sue the news stations who keep repeating the nipple-shot (albeit, matrixed-out/blurred) over and over if you're SO EMOTIONALLY DAMAGED by this. They're the ones who show upclose, enlarged, still shots of it.

Now I don't know if this deep-pocket-sniffing, litigious woman is a mother (I suspect she probably is), but what do you suspect is more damaging for a child...having caught two-seconds worth of a mini peep-show on TV (as millions did), or having your mother be *the one* to launch a moral crusade "on behalf of all Americans (count me out, willya?)" against CBS, Viacom, MTV and the other participants? Just the thought of having a mother that claims she suffered "outrage, anger, embarrassment and serious injury" -*-*-serious injury?!?!?!-*-*- by viewing an exposed breast on television is surely enough to make any child suffer emotional damages for a good deal of his or her adolescence and well into young adulthood.

"My Mom's a Sales Associate."
"My Mom's a Web Designer."
"My Mom's a Paralegal."
"My Mom's a Healthcare Administrator."
"My Mom's a Stay at Home Mom."
"My Mom's a Teacher."
"My Mom Launches Moral Crusades on Behalf of the American Public because she says they suffer emotional pain and damages by the sight of exposed breasts on national TV, plus, she says we can get money this way because these people on TV who have no morals also are filthy rich."

I think the money she will spend on launching this campaign would be best spent with a subscription to cable TV to give her an alternative to network TV. Perhaps she can find some nice, family programs on cable...something like...National Geographic.

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