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03:04:2004 Entry: "Ann : He did it!"

He did it!

Well, they sort of look like 5 heart-shaped tins of chocolates...

But remember this entry of mine?

lithopsall (13k image)

They're lithops! Living Stones. And they're supposedly edible, but these are strictly ornamental. They're so cute, I wish I could keep them in the heart boxes, but they need to go outside in the summer. These will be a challenge...I've never been able to keep them alive before, but Stan's been reading up on their care on the web, so I hope we can do it this time.

Click on the links for larger images


Maybe this will start a trend for future Valentines Days!

On a sadder note, this is a really sad time of the year because it was a year ago this weekend when Hieronymus became very sick and was put to sleep.


Very nice gift :)

Posted by Nico @ 02:20:2004:07:20 AM CST

Yeah, it was awfully nice of him!

Posted by Ann @ 02:20:2004:12:43 PM CST

By Ann @ 17:22 AM CST:03:04:04 ..::Link::..