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03:05:2004 Entry: "Ann : Human Mysteries"

Human Mysteries

I haven't written much lately because if I really wrote what is going through my head, it wouldn't be too nice. I feel pulled by conflicting emotions. I want to shout at some people and tell them they need to take life more seriously, especially considering their own particular grave situation. And then there's others who I wish would just stop their poor little rich kid self-indulgent moping veiled in pseudo poetic clothing. Look, either have a conversation with us, or get out of our lives. I don't know what they are trying to do, it's as if we're their audience, but we cannot come backstage. If person A had person B's introspection, it would be completely understandable. And if person B had person A's silliness, I would actually want to know them again (and if that were the case, they'd actually want human contact). But no, they're two completely diametrically opposed types, either extreme I cannot fathom.

And then there's person C who just had a religious conversion out of the blue. Of course, there was a person of the opposite sex involved...

Damn, people are odd. I feel like I'm losing my tolerance.

I think I'll just stick with my Stan, my animals, my plants, my rocks, my music and my movies. Everything else out there makes no sense at all. It's as if the whole world is on drugs.

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