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03:07:2004 Entry: "Stan : March"


This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the first day of March.

Listening to THE PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN by the 1st path and according to the infinite point of the source of all things. These beginings are represented by the elemental Ace cards, and these are the sounds of the crown of all paths of the soul. This is the most intense color of white, and the divine white brilliance of the crown conceals and reveals the source of all things. More brilliant then the sun is the source of that place from where the soul comes, and to which the immortal soul shall return. Here the listener can meditate on the source of energy from the Infinite Unmanifest of all that is, and the breath of that which is not. When thinking of the Ace cards meditate on these lyrics: 'Jupiter and Saturn, Oberon, Miranda and Titania. Neptune, Titan, Stars can frighten'


I think "Astronomy Domine" is my favorite song on the album too. And it's the one that has lasted the longest in their repertoire...Dehydrated Floyd even performed it back in the 90s, I think (so Syd could have some royalties).

Your line: "the breath of that which is not" this real, or is this subtle humour? You probably won't tell me, will you? You enjoy watching me struggle over these heady issues, don't you?

Posted by Ann @ 03:02:2004:12:55 PM CST

I think in terms of stars can frighten a black hole star would be even more frightening then our own sun. In terms of the Judeo, Christian and Muslem thought; the Genesis begins with all things being created out of the void.

It's not necessary to raise the question of the nonexistant and if there is such a nonexistance that can't ever be named or refered to in any way etc....

However, it is an important question to some people and a silly thing to contomplate for most people, but the worst we could ever do is mistake something for nothing.

Posted by Stan @ 03:02:2004:08:59 PM CST

By Stan @ 21:46 PM CST:03:07:04 ..::Link::..