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03:01:2004 Entry: "Stan : March"


This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the second day of March.

Listening to A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS by the 2nd path represents the elemental Two and the King cards, and these are the sounds of wisdom on the paths of the soul. The color Grey, the starry heaven of the Supernal Father where the forms of all things in the corporeal world arise and perish. When thinking of the Two and King cards meditate on these lyrics: 'Sing a song that can't be sung, without the morning's kiss. Queen you shall be, if you wish, look for your king.'


This is pretty funny, Stan!

But serious too! (she says with her serious face)

But in a way it's sort of like our Terry Mattheson papers we did, you know?

I don't want to laugh, but I can't help it. It's rather epic, don't you agree? And what band better would inspire epic thought and study?

Posted by Ann @ 03:02:2004:12:46 PM CST

Oh yeah, "Remember a Day" is my favorite Richard Wright song. But my favorite on the album is "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun." know I am such an idiot when it comes to things spiritual, but considering what an incredible transitional album SOS was, what with Syd zerking/leaving and David joining, Roger and Richard taking over songwriting, how does that play into the second path in the Qaballah? (how do you spell it?)

Posted by Ann @ 03:02:2004:12:51 PM CST

Humm... interesting question. Surely you must have something in mind if you have asked the question.

I wasn't thinking of it in these terms, but maybe it's significant.

Posted by Stan @ 03:02:2004:09:04 PM CST

No, Stan, I'm asking YOU. I tell you the Floyd history, you fit it into this Qaballah thing.

Posted by Ann @ 03:02:2004:09:08 PM CST

Ok...This is a place of opposits and pairs. If we are unable to keep Jupiter and Saturn in balance (for instance) we are forced to go one direction or the other.

Posted by Stan @ 03:02:2004:09:20 PM CST

Opposites and pairs, hmm?

Opposites, as like in the very odd Floydian (post-Syd) birthday symmetry? (i.e., Roger-September 6 and David-March 6; Nick-January 27 and Rick-August 28) Name another band with strategically-placed astrological significance like that--all 4 elements--one doesn't exist to my knowledge. mean like name pairs? Roger Waters and Roger Keith aka "Syd" Barrett? Do you know that in the 70s, their first two albums were released as a double album entitled "A Nice Pair?" (Does not exist in cd format)

Keeping Jupiter and Saturn in balance--Saturn rules Capricorn, which Syd is...not very balanced there, eh?

How am I doing? I'm lame at this spiritual path stuff. But I do have a thing for rock band trivia.

For two people who get along so well and have so much in common, this is certainly where our differences show!

Posted by Ann @ 03:02:2004:09:31 PM CST

I'm very grateful to you for helping me understand all of the history.

Thank you.

Posted by Stan @ 03:02:2004:10:14 PM CST

You're welcome, but I don't think I could ever understand the other stuff.

But now I feel stupid that you told me you used to HAVE that I'm telling you something you already knew!

Stupid stupid us for ever selling those back.

Posted by ann @ 03:02:2004:10:26 PM CST

They should release A Nice Pair just for the purpose of reprinting the pictures that were on the cover.

Posted by Stan @ 03:03:2004:05:26 PM CST

By Stan @ 08:18 PM CST:03:01:04 ..::Link::..