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03:02:2004 Entry: "Ann : No Backdrops"

No Backdrops

I just got a flash. So many people are like tourists. You know how tourists always say, "It's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there?" That's how so many people are, just visiting, not really living.

I've seen the episode of Seinfeld I watched last night many times before, I think it was called "The Checks." A side plot was that Elaine's boyfriend was obsessed with the song, "Desparado." Elaine was trying to find a song that could be "their" song, but it was like she was pretty clueless as she really didn't have a favorite song herself. So many people are like Elaine in that regard, liking music but not really being "into" it. To them, music is like a coffee table...something you have, easily replaceable, serves a purpose, but why would you really LOVE a coffeetable? Art,'s all something for a backdrop, not much thought...sounds nice, looks good.

In my early years in college, a boyfriend told me he never met anyone like me who was so into music. I didn't even think I was THAT into music as compared to an actual musician. But I guess passion eludes some people.

To some people jewelry is an adornment to make them look more attractive, or an investment that will appreciate over the years. I really don't have anything except semi-precious stones, but I take them out and look at them. They're all beautiful little things, the stones. They have their own personalities and I get attached to them. I could care less if it makes me look prettier, or if it will appreciate in value. That's not the reason why I have them.

In those home and garden makeover shows on TV, have you noticed how none of the homes have much as far as plants? Maybe a fake one, maybe some cut flowers, but nothing looks anywhere close to the jungles and deserts I live with. To them, a plant is not a living thing to be taken care of, it's a backdrop.

I cannot live on a stage set with fake this and that and backdrops. I don't know why so many people do.

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