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03:02:2004 Entry: "Stan : March 3rd"

March 3rd

This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the third day of March.

Listening to UMMAGUMMA by the 3rd path and according to the planet Saturn represents the elemental Three and the Queen cards, and these are the sounds of understanding on the paths of the soul. The color black, the thick darkness of the Supernal Mother where the mystery and depth of silence gives birth to all things in existence. The Great Sea of being which is both sterile and fertile an once in causing the creation of all things in the materal world. When thinking of the Three and Queen cards meditate on these lyrics: 'Weary stranger's faces show their sympathy. They've seen that hope before - throw your thoughts back many years to the time when love was life with every morning.'


So does Ummagumma count as one path or two?

And still no Roger lyrics?!?

Posted by Ann @ 03:02:2004:08:50 PM CST

There will be.

This album is very Gemini.

Posted by Stan @ 03:02:2004:09:05 PM CST

By Stan @ 08:40 PM CST:03:02:04 ..::Link::..