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03:11:2004 Entry: "Stan : March 12th"

March 12th

This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the twelfth day of March.

Listening to RELICS by the 31st path, which is the 20th key, and represents the Judgment card.

Hear the sound C natural and see the color scarlet orange. Here the soul enters the Spirit of Primal Fire who is known as the perpetual intelligence because it regulates the motions of the sun and the moon in their cyclical orders and eclipses. What is unworthy and deceiving is burned away by the redeeming fire in order for the soul to follow this path of pure spiritual intelligence. The last illusions of the separateness of consciousness burned away and the deceptions which belong to the material world descend again into matter, then allowing the pure intelligence belonging to the soul to continue to ascend through the paths of the tree of life. In the eclipse of the soul there is a period of extreme darkness when the tooth like fire of judgment strikes the death blow to the illusionary perception of the personality as an existence of separateness. When thinking of the Judgment card meditate on these lyrics: 'Soaring high above the breezes - going always where she pleases - she will make it to the island in the sun.'

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