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03:15:2004 Entry: "Stan : March 16th"

March 16th

This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the sixteenth day of March.

Listening to MEDDLE by the 27th path and according to the planet Mars, which is the 16th key and represents The Tower card.

Hear the sound C natural and see the color scarlet. Here the soul encounters the Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty who is the activating intelligence which gives the power of motion to all things which have their being in the material world. Here the soul encounters a great darkness in an opening where the speech of the language of heaven flows out of with terrifying forces. The desolation the soul encounters is the sudden destruction of all self concepts of spiritual narcissism, and through this passage everything which has tied the soul to the material world is vanquished. The destruction of any beliefs that we have a personal will, and it is a painfully overwhelming process of enlightening insight. The soul is freed from all illusions of the existence of a personal free will, as they are suddenly swept back to dissolve again into the material world, from where they arose. This is the destruction of the primal illusion with two sides, the will to live and die. This two sided deception preys upon the soul's desires which helped allow the soul to be incarnate in the worlds of living creatures. When thinking of The Tower card meditate on these lyrics: 'Behold the dream, the dream is gone. green fields, a cold rain is falling, in a golden dawn.'

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